Stories: Part 14

She stepped out of her working career to take on a very difficult job.

She picked up after us.

She dusted and cleaned our rooms.

She washed our dishes.

She washed, dried, and folded our laundry.

She washed, swept, and vacuumed the floors.

She scrubbed the bathrooms.

She cooked us dinner.

She fed us.

She changed our diapers.

She gave us baths.

She cleaned and bandaged our boo boos.

She took care of us when we were sick.

She drove us to our school events.

She was there for our cross country and track meets.

She was there for our awards assemblies.

She was there when we got in trouble.

She was there when we needed someone to talk to.

She was there to protect us.

She was there to comfort us.

She was there when we were happy or upset.

She was there to wake us up in the morning.

She was there to tuck us in at night.

She was there when we graduated high school.

She was there when we graduated college.

She was there to congratulate us on our first job.

She would scold us when we acted up.

She would remind us to be safe.

She would help us solve our predicaments.

She would play her guitar and sing to us.

She would come with us on our many hiking, climbing, and camping adventures.

She would go on many long road trips with us.

She would watch the stars with us.

She is always there when you want to call her.

She is always available to answer our questions on how to properly adult.

She keeps us up to date on family happenings.

She makes us laugh.

She gives us many hugs and kisses.

She gives us her love.

She puts us first.

She never takes a break.

She never calls in sick.

She never takes a day off.

My mother did all of this and so much more for me and my siblings so that we would grow up knowing that we are loved, that she is there for us, and that we could be anything that we want to be.

My mother is one of the strongest women, and greatest friend, that I have ever known.

Thank you so much, Mommy, for everything you have done and for shaping me and allowing me to grow into the individual that I have become today.

I will always carry your love, your compassion, your positive demeanor, and your soft heart with me. (:




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