Stories: Part 12

  • Strength of a Mother
    The last two and half years I have had the amazing opportunity to assist in over 100 deliveries of babies into the world. In those deliveries I have seen some of the most truly beautiful experiences that this world has to offer by one of nature’s most basic instinct. I have participated in cesarean, natural, pain relived, and many other methods of birthing that women may choose from. Every birth is truly a miracle and displays the amount of sheer power and strength women hold in themselves. All pregnancies have their opportunities to end with a negative outcome, where the birth of healthy baby does not occur. The one instance that I had to assist in a negative outcome of pregnancy truly displayed every ounce of power, strength, and love a mother has in her.
    I had come onto my shift to find the morning team was back in the operating room with a mother who had an abruption, the placenta ripping away from the uterus. The mother was rushed back to the operating room where, unfortunately, the 23-week baby did not survive. The baby was given to my care and I had to allow the mother/father to bond with their now deceased child for as long as they wished. After about two hours of grieving they allowed the rest of their children to come in and say their goodbyes.
    It is at this point that the epitome of a mother’s strength was exhibited because she was still crying and visibly upset. Before her children came in she stopped her grief and composed herself. She wiped her tears and straightened her hair back to a presentable fashion. She completely willed down her emotions of loss and heartache to allow her children to see her strength and remain calm. She understood if her children saw her distraught that they would begin to feel the same but she refused to have her children share her feelings.
    The inner strength I witnessed from this mother was perhaps one of the most intense things I have seen in my 22 years of life and doubt anything will come close to it. I admire her strength because I know that nothing could have been more difficult than to will herself to neutral state for her children. She did not think of herself at all but only of her children at a time where it would have been more than acceptable to think of herself. The strength of a mother is immeasurable.

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