Stories: Part 11

  • Don’t Just Free the Nip, Free the Whole Boob

    “Are you cold, Sally?” That sentence sparked it all. I had heard about a study showing women who went bra-less had perkier breasts, but after looking into it, was discouraged by the small subject group. However, when Sally responded explaining she was trying an experiment and seeing how people reacted to her not wearing a bra, it sparked something in me. That was November 2015 and I haven’t worn a bra since.

    For a woman with a 32DDDD size, it shocked friends and family alike. “But don’t you need the support?” “But it hurts to not wear a bra.” “I could never do that, my breasts are too large.” “Don’t your nipples show?” “I would be comfortable. Aren’t you uncomfortable?” The first day was hard, yes. Mostly I was scared of what people’s reactions would be, and I felt exposed. But after about a week, I didn’t see a reason to put a bra on again. I am more comfortable than I ever was with straps digging into my shoulders and back all day. If you are wearing a bra because you think your breasts are too large not to, ask yourself whether it actually makes you more physically comfortable. My embarrassment is minimal at this point, nearly a year later. Yes, when I walk fast they jiggle. But wearing a bra makes me far more uncomfortable and unhappy. This turned into much more than an experiment for me, and I can’t imagine ever wearing a bra again. My first bra-less day at the gym felt natural as hell.

    I still get reactions when new friends find out. Funnily, those who are supportive have become protective, prepared to respond for me, “Yeah, she hasn’t worn one since last year.” To each their own. I’ve always wanted to try new things and not wearing a bra serves me, my wallet, my body, and my health.

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