Stories: Part 9

  • The Real Ladies of LA: Women of Strength and Integrity
    This is a poem for the real ladies of LA as a valentine and special shout out of love!

They are around you,
In our faces,
In their faces,
In their breasts,
in their lips,
in their fantasies of You.
Noir Femme Fatales or Ironic Ingénues,
Cool Cosmedicated Corpses or Sunshine Bikinied Baywatch Babes.
Hustling Housewives and Kardashians consuming conspicuously.
Marketers use them to dim the lights of the real ladies of LA–
Los Angeles women they cannot dare represent.

They dare not represent the power that is present in the experiences,
character and contributions made by the real ladies of LA.

This fantastic poem was written by Dr. Sharon Sekhon. To find out more about the poem click here, and to continue reading, click here.


  • My great grandparents moved to California in the 20’s. They initially lived in Oakland (before it was really sketchy) then they traded their property for a larger plot of land in Walnut Creek. Their property is now a multi-million dollar lot. They built their own house and started a family, all the documents were under my great grandma’s name because my great grandpa was an illegal immigrant. Soon the area began developing, lots of families were moving to the area, and the city contacted my great grandma about the property she owned. She was getting older and couldn’t maintain the property so she sold most of the land back to the city for development. The street they developed the homes on is named after her, Estella Court. She also kept lots of animals at her house and she had peacocks which were very noisy and her new neighbors petitioned her to get rid of them. So she donated them to the Oakland zoo, which got her lifetime admittance.

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